"Transparency is key when it comes to our skin, both our flaws and our attributes. There is no such thing as perfect skin but we can take the steps we feel comfortable to try to improve what we feel are our imperfections, or highlight our shining features that we are so proud of. Skin Rx was created as a preventative skincare for some, and a corrective skincare line for others. Our team believes in our ingredients and will guide all our customers every step of the way to the best skincare regimen that works for you and brings you happiness both inside and out."

Colleen Carey
Founder & CEO

“My philosophy is that every skincare routine should combat inflammation, deeply hydrate, nourish, and heal the skin and be packed with the highest optimal doses of active compounds and void of aggressive ingredients. It is important to heal rather than attack your skin. If you protect your skin, it will protect you back.”

Faith Leach

"For years, I saw myself and others use ineffective skincare only because it branded and marketed unregulated buzzwords like 'all-natural,' but now the beauty industry is turning toward proven, science-backed products,” says Carey. “I also noticed younger generations weren’t able to afford the same luxury, medical-grade skincare products marketed to more mature adults. We developed Skin Rx to solve both of these issues."

Hannah Simonetti